Juicy Missy celebrates healthy, equal and sexy fun! Our product formulations are based on the latest scientific research of sexual health and feminine hygiene - which is why our patented Play & Joy products are designed to be used all over your body for long lasting moisturization.


Juicy Missy's products have undergone over 300 tests conducted by CE, SGS and RoHS to ensure compliance with stringent global product safety directives. Our products are produced and quality controlled under ISO 22716 pharmaceutical manufacturing standards.

✔ CE certified
✔ SGS certified
✔ ROHS certified
✔ FDA cleared
✔ No parabens
✔ No petrochemicals
✔ No heavy metals
✔ No harmful ingredients
✔ No plasticizer
✔ No GMO ingredients
✔ Safe for oral sex
✔ Safe for condoms


Recommended by doctors across the country for patients of all ages and at all stages of life to enhance their intimate relationships and improve on their sexual health.

許藍方博士 Dr. Gracie
Certified Sexologist and Licensed Sexual Health Physician

“My patients love Juicy Missy's Play & Joy lubricants. They're great for moisturizing the vaginal and anal areas, which allows for longer lasting pleasurable sex. I truly think they are one of the best lubricant brands and I recommend them to my patients too.”


Juicy Missy's products are designed in conjunction with medical scientists! Our patented formula uses cosmetic grade Hyaluronic Acid (traditionally used in premium skincare products), which allows our lubricants to be used all over your body to provide long lasting moisturization. It is pH-balanced to produce lubrication that matches as closely as possible to your body’s natural secretion and will not cause damage to vaginal, anal or penile tissue!

✔ Formulated for sensitive skin
✔ Hypoallergenic
✔ PH balanced
✔ Long-lasting moisturizing properties
✔ No artificial fragrance
✔ No stickiness
✔ No hormones
✔ No residue
✔ No spermicide
✔ Non-staining
✔ No germs

LGBTQ Friendly

We are people of the world and we strive to create personal intimacy products that are supportive of all people and any relationships!


Juicy Missy's products are created with sex in mind, but the formula is so pure and perfected, why limit it to just one area of your life? We believe if it's good for your privates, it should good for your face too! But why stop there? Our products are designed to be used all over your body, both inside and out!
Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Naturally occurring in the human body and commonly used in skincare products, Hyaluronic Acid works as a magnet for moisture, helping your cells retain as much of it as possible so that your skin feels and appears hydrated, plump and healthy.
Saccharide Isomerate

Saccharide Isomerate

A deeply moisturizing 100% natural sugar-based emollient, Saccharide Isomerate provides deep hydration by binding to our skin cells and creates a moisture reservoir that lasts up to 72 hours!
Maca Herb Extract

Maca Herb Extract

A plant native to Peru, the Maca root is clinically proven to increase libido and has traditionally been used to enhance fertility and sexual desire, along with reducing erectile dysfunction.
Meadowsweet Extract

Meadowsweet Extract

A plant containing tannins which reduces inflammation. Meadowsweet is used to increase urine output and kill germs in the urine of people with bladder infections.
Rose Extract

Rose Extract

With a complex array of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, Rose Extract helps with premature aging and is known to improve the skin's elasticity. It is also used as aromatic ingredient in our lubricants.
Ganoderma Lucidum

Ganoderma Lucidum

An ingredient in Polysaccharide. Ganoderma Lucidum contains more than 400 trace elements to maximize our bodies' own healing abilities. Also known as the reishi mushroom, it is used for cancer, aging and boosting of our immune systems to prevent or treat infections.


An ingredient in Polysaccharide. Obtained from the bark of the tree Cinnamonun Camphora, Camphor acts as a counter irritant and is therefore used topically to relieve pain, swelling and skin itching.


An ingredient in Polysaccharide. A type of medicinal mushroom with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, Cordyceps is scientifically proven to reduce fatigue, and increase stamina and sex drive.
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