17 Ways To Use Personal Lube For Better Sex And More!


17 Ways To Use Personal Lube For Better Sex And More!

Personal lube has this reputation as being something you use only when you’re having difficulty during penetrative sex and most of us may have gone through a huge chunk of our lives without even using one. Add to that, the stigma of lube being used because you can’t get your girl wet and you have people raising an eyebrow when you talk about it. To that, all I say is, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! A good lube will add so much fun to sex, be it solo play or with your partner!

Personal lubricants can be classified into four major categories: water, oil (mineral, olive, coconut etc), petroleum, or silicone oil (a specific type of oil that won’t break down rubber). Oil or petroleum lubes are frowned upon as they can weaken condoms and also cause irritation as they are not formulated for sensitive skin.

Water-based lube is most commonly used and the safest option if you’re using condoms as it won’t break down the rubber while oil or petroleum lubes can. Plus it’s the easiest to clean up and wash off.

Silicone lube is longer lasting and doesn’t wash away in water, which makes it especially great for shower, pool hookups, anal sex, or a marathon sex session!

Read on to find out the 17 ways on how to use personal lube from top to toe and beyond the bedroom!


    If you’ve been using your spit all these while, I got news for you! Lubing up his penis and your hands will ensure that any movement feels heavenly! If you want to look like a pro at it, here’s a handy tip for you - cross your fingers and wrap them around the base of the penis, jerk him off while blowing him at the same time. We’re told this particular hand-mouth job could even rival the experience of vaginal sex! Choose a sex lube that’s thick enough to form a tight natural fit for the best experience!


      If it ain’t wet, it ain’t wet, there’s nothing worse for girls than to feel a guy forcing his digit in (no matter how tiny it is!). Applying personal lube to both the finger, clitoris and vulva would make the experience so much more enjoyable from the get-go! Nothing like sharp nails or rough cuticles to ruin the whole experience so be sure to trim your fingernails before then!


      The vagina responds more to pressure than friction. This is but one reason dry humping gets some ladies off quicker than having intercourse itself. Have your partner place some lube on their palms (or their thighs) and press your vulva and labia against it for some pleasure-inducing humps!


      This might sound counterintuitive, but it's true! Both men and women often use spit, but it can be hard to muster up enough, especially when you’ve have a cotton mouth (refer to point 4 below). Wetness aside, everybody has his or her own bodily smell and your blowjob giver may or may not like it, so a sex lubricant that smells great and warms up at the same time will greatly reduce the mouth work needed to get him hard plus as a bonus make it a lot more palatable for you to keep going when he smells good down there!


      Whether you’re straight up dehydrated, suffering from hangover, or just on medication that causes your mouth to be dry, cotton mouth happens to the best of us. Giving or receiving head with a sandpaper tongue is an uncomfortable experience for everyone involved, so please add some lube to the receiver’s vulva before diving in. Go for Hyaluronic Acid lubricants because they retain a ton of moisture and can be activated over and over again with just the smallest amount of saliva.


      Warming sex lube heats up with any body-to-body contact or friction and doubles as a massage lotion too. Choose one that contains key ingredients such as Maca instead the more commonly available chilli or pepper which can cause irritation! Rub a few dollops all over his or her back for a sensual massage and add some on the nipples for nipple stimulation that’s literally hotter than ever. Your partner will be begging for you to get things going even before the massage is over!


        A guy’s perineum aka that taint is the extra-sensitive spot between his scrotum and anus that is frequently ignored though it’s packed full of sensitive nerve endings. Add some personal lubricant to his groin including the balls and perineum, then gently massage his balls while you are on top of him. Right before he orgasms, lightly rub your finger on the lubed-up perineum to send him over the edge.


          Playing with yourself should be relaxing and rewarding as you know exactly what to do to get yourself off. So please do not cheap out by using moisturizing lotion that contains unwanted chemicals, or household products such as coconut oil which is not formulated for the delicate nether region. Get a good quality water-based lube and apply a few drops to your finger before touching yourself for a smoother and more intimate feel.


            Jump right into action without having to wait till you get wet! Lube up your favorite vibrator and add a generous dollop to your clitoris for a totally different and more fluid sensation. For guys who are using flesh-lights, using a sex lube that closely mimics that of natural body fluids can be a major turn-on visually! A word of caution though, if your sex toy is made of silicone, you’ll definitely want to use a water-based lube, since silicone lubes can deteriorate soft rubber.


              No guy should ever whine about how using a condom “reduces the sensation” nowadays when the latest condoms are already at its thinnest 0.01mm! That said, most condoms use cheap lube (because the goal is protection and not sensation right), so adding a drop or two of high quality sex lube inside the rubber before you unroll it will increase the sensitivity he feels when wearing it and hopefully be enough to shut him up about having to use one.


                Unlike your vagina, your booty does not create its own lubricant to make things wet and ready. So when it comes to any butt play, there is never a case of too much lube! But sometimes just lubing up the penis isn’t enough because it’s just too dry on the inside! At times like these, inserting a silicone oil capsule lubricant before the deed will help greatly in keeping you lubricated for a long time to come by coating your rectum evenly from the inside out.


                  The possibilities are endless when using lube during intercourse and there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. Apply it directly to your body, penis or even condom itself. My advice is to start with a dime-size and work up from there. Reduce the amount if he’s slipping out too much or it’s dripping excessively onto the sheets (water-based lubes are super easy to clean up though and won’t stain!). You don’t want to be so wet till you don’t feel a thing as some friction is required for optimal play.

                  13 / USE LUBE DURING SHOWER OR POOL SEX

                  Silicone-based lubes are not absorbed as quickly, therefore they help make sex last longer. They are also waterproof, making them the ideal for successful shower sex, vacation hot tub sex, or even a quickie in the pool! But we're already in the water you say? Well, just because you're in water doesn't mean you want to get water which has been shared by thousands inside of you! So best get the waterproof lube coating your insides first and be sure to clean up thoroughly afterwards to prevent any nasty infections.

                  And now for the more unorthodox ways of using your personal lube!

                  14 / USE LUBE TO TAME YOUR HAIR

                  If using lube on your hair freaks you out, I say well, why not? Good quality personal lubes that contain Hyaluronic Acid are highly moisturizing and work wonderfully not only on intimate areas but also on your hair, your body and even your face! Tame down fizzy hair by applying a dime-size of the moisturizing lube and work it through your hair the same way you would any hair products. Your lube would double as a leave-in conditioner and keep your hair smooth and tangle-free.


                  Because if it's good for your privates, it should good for your face too! Top to toe moisturizing is the new form of lubing up now. Think of it this way, if you’re ok with applying personal lube on your groin and even inside your body, why would it not be ok to use lube on your face, legs or arms? That said, not all lubes are created equal, so you should only use lubes which are hypoallergenic and formulated for sensitive skin. Your all-purpose lube will be your life-saver especially when you're traveling and out of personal care products!

                  16 / USE LUBE TO PUT ON BODY PIERCINGS

                  Having trouble getting that tongue piercing into your mouth? Or the belly stud is taking forever to go through? Or perhaps you had twenty earholes pierced at the same time because efficiency matters more than pain? Applying personal lubricants with natural antibacterial properties will help ease your piercings through the holes and more importantly prevent nasty infections at the same time!

                  17 / USE LUBE TO PROTECT NEW TATTOOS

                  If you’ve recently got a new tattoo, the drill would always be to apply antibacterial ointment twice a day. Thing is, most antibacterial ointments contain high levels of alcohol content and will sting when applied. A good antibacterial lube will do the job better by keeping infections at bay on your newly tattooed area, as well as moisturizing your skin at the same time. The best part? The lube will not sting because it’s formulated to be gentle on your skin.

                  There you have it, 17 ways to redefine the use of sex lube, taking it from beyond the bedroom and into your daily skincare regime!

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