7 Most Effective Masturbation Tips For Men


7 Most Effective Masturbation Tips For Men

Masturbation for men may seem pretty straightforward but there are ways to switch it up for variety which leads to an enhanced experience! Having interviewed countless men and women during our product development phase for Juicy Missy lubes, we’ve compiled a list of 7 most effective and efficient tips for male masturbation!


Let’s admit it, all men watch porn - especially during and for masturbation. Almost everyone will have a specific preference when it comes to their choice of porn. Are you a fan of deep throating action? How about BDSM? Hentai anyone? Watching the same genre over and over again can take a toll even on the most imaginative minds. Stepping into the unknown to explore new categories from time to time can blow your mind away and you might just end up with a new favorite after that!


Getting the ambience right is not only for women or partnered sex. Taking the extra effort to light a scented candle, dim the room and invest in quality silky bed sheets can go a long way in creating a more sensual experience for masturbation.


Cumming soon? Don’t! Think of your stressful job, the dog shit you need to clear in a bit, the bills to pay, even your old grandma! In short, think of anything but sex to take your mind away from the act! When you do it over and over again to deny yourself of release, you build up towards the final moment which can be earth shattering when you finally allow yourself to climax! Not only that, you train yourself to master your self-control which can only lead to better sex when you finally do it with a partner!


Some guys can come in 2 mins while others can take a long long time. The penis has some of the thinnest skin on your body and for most guys, the penis head can be extremely sensitive to touch, especially if you were circumcised. However long you take to masturbate, don't rub yourself raw! Using a proper personal lubricant makes masturbation so much more enjoyable by preventing rug burn and allowing the penis to be stroked for a longer period of time without getting chafed. The added lubrication also mimics a vagina environment which elevates the sensations you’re feeling! If you're feeling more adventurous, using a quality warming lubricant which heats up gently with friction can make masturbation feel even better and more natural by adding warmth to the act itself!


That’s right! Guys have toys too! Fleshlight anyone? For fleshlight users, choosing the right lubricant can make the experience go from meh to wow! You’d want a silky lube that’s more viscous to form a tighter fit! Did you know you could also nick your girlfriend’s vibrator and use it for prostate stimulation too?


Quality masturbation goes beyond just the penis. Your prostate is a gland just inside the anus that can feel wonderful when stimulated! Coat your finger or a small butt plug liberally with lube and insert it gently into the anus. For first timers, go slowly and be sure to relax your anus! If it’s too challenging to wank and probe at the same time, just stop wanking and focus on your prostate stimulation first to get the hang of it.


Give your balls some tender loving care! They are packed with nerve endings and are very sensitive to touch, so try giving them gentle tugs from time to time, or rubbing them gently with one hand while you maintain a stroke on your penis with the other.

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