7 Most Effective Masturbation Tips For Women


7 Most Effective Masturbation Tips For Women

Women’s inner workings are incredible. Mechanisms of achieving orgasms are far more complex and sophisticated in women than men, which makes it much harder for women to achieve the Big O. But once we do, our orgasms are so much more intense in comparison to men! When we masturbate, we explore and get to know our own bodies and which figure out ways to turn us on or off and help us achieve orgasms. Additionally, masturbation is healthy, fun and provides a rush of “happy hormones” such as Endorphins which will help in relaxation and may even lift your mood when you’re feeling down.

During the course of our product development phase for Juicy Missy lubes, we interviewed countless women and men to reveal the top 7 tried and tested tips for effective female masturbation!



Doing the deed in a different room other than the bedroom can make you feel very kinky even if you’re just masturbating! Thinking naughty thoughts while cooking? Fantasizing about your hot co-worker while doing yoga? Well, just have a quick go and utilize the different furniture or gadgets in your home! Using the shower head on our clits as an ad-hoc vibrator while showering can feel so good, plus you can clean up easily when you’re done!



What happens in your head, stays in your head. There’s no shame in thinking every dirty thought you have and letting them all play out in the safety of your own mind! Use every situation that got you turned on during the day or create your own fantasies that will lead you to orgasms. Spending time thinking about sex is a form of mental foreplay (like sexting) and will prime your body to be ready for the act, which makes masturbation so much more enjoyable when you finally get to it!



Women can achieve 3 types of orgasms. Yep, three, and those are the clitoral, vaginal and anal. The phenomenal part is that we can achieve them all simultaneously! For most women, it can be near impossible to achieve orgasm just from penetrative sex and stimulating the clit is usually needed at the same time. If you’re adventurous enough to try anal, double penetration can lead to explosive sex! Don’t forget your nipples! Pinch them, stroke them, roll them between your fingers, or if you’re especially well-endowed, you could even lift your mammaries up for a few good licks!   



Our clits are made up of a bundle of nerves and just simple stimulation alone can help women achieve orgasms. As it’s so sensitive, always add some lube to prevent rug-burn.
The famed G-spot also consists of a bunch of nerves and can be difficult to locate though some positions can help you reach them more easily. Squat down and slide your finger into your vagina until you reach a little nub on the front of your vaginal wall about 2-3 inches deep. For some women, stimulating your G spot can create a far more intense orgasm than clit stimulation.
As far as anal penetration goes, face-down doggy style is the best. This position enables you to stimulate the G-spot as well, through a shared wall between the anus and vagina.



Ever wonder what are those two-pronged vibrators used for? Most people use them for vaginal and clit stimulation but did you know they can be used for double penetration too? Yup, one in your vagina and the other in your ass. To minimize discomfort, always use lube when doing anal as we don't produce natural secretion there. Standard vibrators aside, there are also vibrators which work by applying suction on your clit (feels amazing!), nipple clamps which vibrate and ring vibrators which are worn on your finger for clit stimulation.



Using lube is a must if you are trying anal penetration since the anus doesn’t have any lubrication abilities. Lubes are far more complex now and there's a lube for every need. If you’re into texture, try a silky lube which mimics your natural fluids, or if you would like to add some heat (quite literally), using a warming lubricant will make your nerve endings a lot more sensitive! For those who are prone to BV or yeast infections, an antibacterial lube can help to prevent and minimize infections.



Apart from the obvious sexual zones of the clit, vagina, anus and nipples, there are a lot more sensitive spots which are just waiting to be discovered! Our scalp (cue hair pulling scene in porn), ears, inner thigh, neck, back and even our feet and toes can be super sensitive when touched. Vary between a gentle stroke, a strong hard tug or a deep massage to know what works for you and you can have your partner incorporate those moves the next time you have sex!

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